Support For The Community Around EPC1

Along with the demolition of EPC-1 Banyu Urip office area, Gayam Sub-district, gradually EPC-1 Project Office supplies started to be donated to institutions are around the project.

Some furniture and air conditioning (AC) has been submitted to Muspika Gayam Office, that is Gayam District Office, Police Office and Post Office Ramil Gayam. All three offices each get air conditioning and furniture. Submission of air conditioning machine (AC) is conducted by Socio Economic Tripatra staff, Jarnoto to each office. In the Gayam sub-district office, the handover of air conditioning and desk is received directly by Gayam Sub-district head, Hartono, while the delivery of AC and Desk Chairs in Polsek and Ramil Gayam Office are accepted by local members.

Tripatra hopes, the donated goods can bring benefits, especially for improving services for the community around that project. The conducted of the air conditioner along with the former furniture of EPC-1 Banyu Urip, is a grant given by Tripatra for the umpteenth time, Tripatra has previously distributed hundreds of units computer to private educational institutions in Gayam and surrounding areas, approximately 80 educational institutions in Gayam and Bojonegoro, already utilizing computer donations from Tripatra.

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