Through its extensive experience in Project Management, TRIPATRA has developed proven methods and systems for the successful and seamless implementation of large projects. By combining an appropriate method of project organization with the support of sophisticated software systems, and with its highly qualified and diverse team of experts, TRIPATRA has been able to provide it clients with a comprehensive approach to project realization.

TRIPATRA’s approach to project management includes, among others, a concise work and task definition and assignment, planning, scheduling, monitoring and cost control. Qualified in all these areas of the project cycle, TRIPATRA is able to provide its clients with best practices in engineering, project management, procurement, construction, commissioning, and operations.


With more than 600 design, engineering and other technical personnel, strategically located across our various company divisions, we are able to offer our clients the expertise necessary to ensure the success of their projects, and the dedication to enable continuous support. At TRIPATRA we emphasis state-of-the-art design based on the most up-to-date engineering technology.


TRIPATRA has developed specialized expertise in Operation and Maintenance (O&M) and Investment services for the oil and gas industry. The O&M services provided by TRIPATRA include the above services with an emphasis on establishing a well-designed project start-up, concise implementation management and on-going technical support especially for early production facilities.

Having integrated all aspects of project management and implementation, combined with an outstanding and highly professional management team and organizational support structure, TRIPATRA is confident that it can provide its clients with the (critical) services they require.


As a leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) national company, TRIPATRA’s practices and standards are world class and this has enabled us to meet the challenges of EPC turnkey projects. With a committed management team, supported by a team of EPC experts, we are able to meet the rising demands of our clients to implement comprehensive and ready-to-use solutions.

By providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services, with a very high safety record across all divisions, TRIPATRA offers its clients an integrated and safe solution to their project requirements.


Our Engineers have numerous on-site experiences including construction, supervision and planning.

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