PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia – Front End Engineering Design for Asset Integrity Program (FEED AIP)

  • Client: PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia
  • Project Type: Oil & Gas
  • Contract Award – Complete: December 3 Dec 2012- 2 Dec 2017
  • Tripatra Role: Main Engineering Contractor
  • Remarks: Offshore

Scope of Work

The AIP is program which has been established for the purpose of improving safety, security and future operability & maintainability of power line, communication and pipeline infrastructure within the main shipping corridors of COMPANY’s Sumatera Operation

The services include Project Management, Project Execution Plan, Site Work, General HES, Engineering Standard & Intellectual Property, Quality, Sub Contracting Management, Management of Change, Local Community Involvement.

The assets Integrity Program includes a portfolio of projects. The most prominent, and largest, projects are the three main shipping corridors (1) Duri – Dumai, (2) Balam – Bangko – Dumai, and (3) Minas – Duri.

There are also other smaller corridor projects that may be included within the scope. Each corridor project may require shipping pipeline(s) and/or power line replacement, repair and/or relocation, and also includes the removal of any redundant facilities.

The FEED Field Survey Scope Of Work requires provision facilities.

  • Topography surveys
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Laboratory test
  • Survey reports

The FEED Engineering Scope Of Work requires provision of the following:

  • Design Basis
  • Project Procedures and Plans
  • Project specification and data sheets
  • Engineering drawing (Engineering)

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