Inpex Masela Ltd. – FLNG Facility FEED Work

  • Client: Inpex Masela Ltd.
  • Project Type: Oil & Gas
  • Contract Award – Complete: January 2013-19 September 2014
  • Tripatra Role: Member of Consortium
  • Remarks: Offshore

Scope Of Work

The scope of work this project include Contractor’s performing all engineering activities, of, but not be limited to, the following key Deliverables:

  • Selection studies for key technologies and FLNG Facility arrangement to define overall FLNG concept at commencement of FEED;
  • Accepted for Design multi-discipline documentation package for the entire FLNG Facility, i.e. FEED Package;
    Class approval of FEED design for FLNG Facility;
  • Perform HAZID, HAZOP and other key safety studies – including update of design to address all relevant action;
  • Develop Hull, containment system and LQ design to be accepted for design status;
  • Complete full FLNG 3D Model developed to defined “30%” status;
  • Develop Sparing Requirement for all equipment and packaged equipment;
  • Develop equipment specifications
  • Licensor Package: Liquefaction System (APCI), Acid Gas Removal System (BASF), Condensate Mercury Removal System, MEG (including weight, CoG, size, drawing, schedule and price)
  • Procurement Enquiry Package to OEMs in order to obtain OEM Proposal for the following and incorporation thereafter into Contractor design, to include as a minimum technical data, e.g. weight, CoG, size, drawings and schedule, and price: Cryogenic Coil Wound Heat Exchangers (APCI), Gas Turbines for mechanical drive, Gas Turbine Generator, HRSG , Cryogenic Compressor (CMR/WMR), LNG Off-loading Arm, LNG Off-loading pump and Thrusters.
  • Design development for Licensed Processes based on Licensor Package.
  • Define and document interfaces with SURF and other Project Contractors.
  • BOAQs for all disciplines;
  • FLNG Facility weight reports; and Level III FLNG Facility from award of EPCI through to Project completion.

For technical scope, Contractor provided the necessary project management, support and overall experience necessary to provide effective management of both the onshore and offshore elements of the Work.

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