BP Berau Ltd – Onshore LNG FEED Tangguh for Expansion Project

  • Client: BP Berau Ltd.
  • Project Type: Oil & Gas
  • Contract Award – Complete: 29 Oct 2014 – 5 Feb 2016
  • Tripatra Role: Leader of Consortium
  • Remarks: Onshore

Scope Of Work

FEED works for onshore facilities planned for delivery as part for Tangguh Expansion Project. The onshore scope of the Tangguh LNG Expansion Project include LNG Train 3, utilities infrastructure and associated near shore marine system works.

The WORK is to perform FEED for the facilities required for the expansion of the
Tangguh LNG Plant which as summarized below, including but not limited to:

  1. Additional Onshore Receiving Facilities (ORF) to accept additional natural gas from The new WDA/ROA platforms via a new multiphase subsea pipeline
  2. A new LNG Train 3
  3. Additional Condensate Stabilisation Train 3
  4. Expansion of the following plan utilities:
    1. Power Generation and distribution
    2. Steam System
    3. Fuel Gas System
    4. Water System
    5. Air and Nitrogen systems
    6. Process gas and liquid disposal system – New Wet, Dry and Common Flare system and additional LNG Tankage flare complete with closed drain system.
    7. Refrigerant transfer systems
    8. Fire fighting systems
    9. Produced water system
    10. Potable water production using Reverse Osmosis purification of seawater, alternatively or groundwater extraction will be applied if the required approvals can be obtained.
    11. Chemical Storage
  5. Additional LNG Storage and Loading System
  6. Additional Condensate Storage and Loading System
  7. Expansion of the Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) and Integrated Telecommunication System to service the needs of three LNG trains (2 existing, 1 new).
  8. Provision of a new trestle jetty structure incorporating:
    • LNG Berth 2
    • Condensate loading Berth
  9. Expansion of onshore infrastructure to service the needs of three LNG trains (2 existing, 1 new)
  10. Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste management system

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