PT PERTAMINA – Gas Production Facilities Jambi Merang Development Project

Gas Production Facilities Jambi Merang Development Project – a Joint Operating Body (JOB) Pertamina-Hess project. This project was an EPCI Pre-Commissioning (engineering, procurement, construction, installation and pre-commissioning) gas processing program comprising four (4) work sites with the complete conditioning of gas and liquid. The program capacity being 120 BBTUD or equivalent to a 113 MMSCFD flow-rate. TRIPATRA was awarded the contract in 2007, and the contract value was USD154.4 million;

Rantau Secondary Recovery Project – a project implemented in 1987 and valued at USD2 million. It involved the construction of water-injection facilities;
L’Parigi Expansion Project – the construction of 3 (three) gas wellheads and an offshore production platform located at a depth of 100 feet. The capacity being 180 MMSCFD with a 16” – 80 km offshore, and 16” – 40 km onshore, gas transmission pipeline;

Badak – Bontang Gas Pipeline (1981-83) – Engineering Design and Project Management Supervision project for the development of a 42” – 60 km length gas pipeline with the design flow rate of 2310 MMSCFD and maximum pressure of 930 PSIG. The total project cost was USD60 million and the amount awarded to TRIPATRA was USD1.8 million;

Musi Block Project (1981-83) – a Gas-Processing Project comprising engineering, procurement, and construction. The contract value was USD8 million. The project comprised the establishment of a 40 MMSCFD flow rate, gas/oil flow lines 4” to 10” and approximately 80 km in length, Booster compressor station – 3 x 1500 HP and gas transmission pipeline 12” in diameter, and 45 km in length;

Linda Field Development Project (1978) was another TRIPATRA’s assignment with Pertamina involving engineering and project management for oil processing and refineries. This project’s contract value was USD24 million.

South Sumatra Gas Projector – Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) project for Natural Gas Oil, Gas and Pipeline. With a flow-rate capacity of 120,000 MMSCFD, with gas transmission pipe lines of 200 km with a 16” diameter, and 100 km with a 24” diameter. This project’s total value reached USD105 million and TRIPATRA’s component was USD7.3 million.

Jatibarang Substation Project (1974-75) – Survey, Engineering, Material and Equipment Supply and Construction of five (5) – 5000 BOPD Oil Substations. The value of this project was USD5 million

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