To respond to the dynamics of the supply and demand of industrial world, Tripatra strives to expand its business sectors to new opportunities.  One of these sectors is the Downstream sector which includes the following sub-sectors:  oil refining, petrochemicals & chemicals and bio-industry. These sector are specifically classified based on their commodities.

Oil refining involves commodities produced within the oil refinery facilities including LPG, gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, Sulphur, etc.  Petrochemicals and chemicals include commodities such as polyethylene, polypropylene, butadiene, methanol, ammonia, urea and their derivatives NPK, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate etc. Whereas bio-industry covers commodities such as bioethanol, biodiesel, oleochemicals and other bio-based products.

Tripatra is equipped with full capabilities to execute engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) downstream projects with high standard. In addition, Tripatra has established solid partnership with several well-known technology providers in the downstream sector in order to deliver excellent services to the clients.