People Values in Tripatra has been formulated to distinguished Tripatra from other company. In many years, this value creates a lot of company progresses. The values are believes in inspiring all of component in the company and bring Tripatra as the most trusted EPC in the competitive era from current era and in the future.

People in Tripatra are expert in designs and build many of the world’s most complex projects, delivering engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance and project management services for Oil & Gas Clients internationally.

The values are formulated in Insan Tripatra Values:

Professionally Honest
Carry Out duties in the compliance with the ethical standard

Determining the quality targets and subsequently implement and oversee achievement

Open & Positive
Willing and able to express and also accept the views of the others well and respect

Active Improve self-knowledge and ability, as well as share in the working environment

Taking or receiving the opportunity and use it for self-development

Always trying to find new things that can make it easier to carry out task or process

Breaking the difficulty, spread the spirit and enthusiasm to drive change for betterconditions