TRIPATRA In Launching of Engineering Works Book of Indonesia



On Thursday, February 15th, 2018, President Director of Tripatra Joseph Pangalila attended the launching of 2007 Indonesia Engineering Engagement Book held by the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) at Ambara Hotel Jakarta. In the inaugural edition of the Book of Engineering Works of Indonesia was selected 26 works of engineering from hundreds of engineering works from various categories that have been collected and selected by the publishing team.

For the EPC Category there are Tripatra works published in there, for other categories also published in the category of road infrastructure, electronics category, energy category from Cirebon Electric Power, category of processing industry, forest industry category, water construction category, and the last for telecommunication category. In the event attended by various companies in the energy sector, Joseph Pangalila had the opportunity to deliver his speech. He expressed his enthusiasm at this event because so far the role of Engineer in Indonesian is less appreciated, whereas the role of Engineer is very big in development – development in Indonesia. “All cannot be separated from the role and work of Engineers Indonesia. Hopefully with the publication of this book Works Engineers Indonesia, the Engineers can be proud of what has been produced for this country, ” said Director of Tripatra.

In addition Tripatra Director also said that in this book Tripatra presents 4 works in the EPC category such as EPC 1 Banyu Urip Project, Floating Production Unit (FPU) Cricket, the first FPU using the concept of integration Top Side Module, Senoro Gas Development Project, and South Sumatra NGL Project.

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