Tripatra Being Part of National Electricity Development, 25 MW Power Plant in Nias

To meet the needs of the national Electricity, the government has launched a 35,000 MW program on last May 2015. 35,000 Program Mega Watt Electricity for Indonesia is a form of government commitment to create energy independence by utilizing itoptimal sources of renewable energy.

It is estimated that Indonesia’s petroleum reserves will be exhausted in 12 years, the gas will run out within 30 years and coal will run out in 60 years.

Related to this matter, be something to be grateful for Tripatra believed to be part of the development of electricity in Indonesia. This is marked by the signing of a 25 MW Letter of Intent Mobile Power Plant between Tripatra and PT PLN Persero on Thursday, May 18th, 2017 at PT PLN (Persero) South Jakarta Head Office.

In this event, Tripatra President Joseph Pangalila was present to sign the Letter Of Intent (LOI) Mobile Power Plant of Nias Project 25 MW with investment value of 669 Billion. In its implementation, PT Tripatra Engineers and Constructors is fully responsible for building dual fuel based power plants (HSD & GAS) on Nias Island. Construction is scheduled for 12 months and for Operation & Maintenance will last for 60 months in synergy with PT Prastiwahyu Trimitra Engineering.

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