Corporate Social Responsibility


One of the social concern is health issue. Tripatra often initiates medical program for community live nearby its sites. Realizing that access to proper medical treatment can be a privilege, Tripatra to bridge the gap starting from the nearest environment.

Another unavoidable health issue a for country living in the ring of fire can come from natural disaster. Affected by natural disaster caused by volcanic eruption, Tripatra gave fast and responsive act for community in Jogjakarta back in 2010.


Education is essential for development because it empowers people to have better and prosperous life. Believe in that, Tripatra put major concern in local and national education. Tripatra supports the schools facilities in areas nearby its sites such as Bojonegoro, Gunung Salak Bogor, and Garut. Proper infrastructure advantages better learning and teaching environment. Scholarships are awarded to underprivileged students to motivate them to pursue higher education.